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Q: How do I submit a story? 
A: One, you can use the form below to enter your name, email, whether you'd like to submit the story to my blog for publishing (or you just want to share your story with me), and a short synopsis of what your story is about. Once received, I will send you your own Google doc with a note from me and several prompt questions that might help you as you write your story. That document will only be for your story submission, and you and I are the only ones with access to it.

Or two, you can just shoot me an email with your story. Although I don’t want all of the stories to follow the exact same format, I do want general continuity across the blog, so I may ask for a little more information to tell a more complete story or ask to rearrange the paragraphs if needed. I will never change any of your story without discussing it with you first. 

Who can submit a story? 
Anyone. I truly want to encourage diversity in this blog, and will never turn down a story submission just because your background/gender/sexual orientation/lifestyle/whatever is different than mine.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of content is WDATMT looking for?
Any story that left you wondering “why didn’t anyone tell me this?” It doesn’t have to be sad or heavy—I wrote about growing a chin hair, for crying out loud. Just anything that you wish someone had prepared you for, or warned you about, or just gave you a heads up.

Can I publish anonymously?
I am more than happy to publish your story anonymously. I completely understand the need for anonymity, and I absolutely respect that some stories require it.

All other (non-anonymous) stories are published with a first name only. I’m happy to include more about you (social media handles, website, etc.), but there is never any pressure to include more than you’re comfortable with.

How often are new stories published?
New blogs will be posted every Tuesday morning, and I will provide you with the date you can expect to see your story. Currently, stories submitted today are looking at a 3-4 week publishing timeframe.

What if I decide later that I don't want my story published any longer?
If, for whatever reason, you want me to take your story down, just shoot me an email, and we will get it all worked out. 

Would you like to share your story?

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